• Richard Gush

  • CEO Methvin
  • The greatest strength of Shamaila is that she understands how startups work and how entrepreneurs polish their product through iterative process which makes her ideal technology partner and software based startups.

  • Martin Sperling

  • Managing Partner, Positive Alpha Services Gmbh & Co.
  • Very professional development team with fast response times and valuable recommendations for product features. I have already started the next phase of the project with Shamaila’s team. I have also recommended her team to other startups in Germany. To me Shamaila is one of the new generation of global entrepreneurs, bridging any culture and regional boundaries by making use of latest technology and having a true global mindset. Due to this working with Shamaila and her team feels like working with a local service provider and even better.

  • Mamadou Nidaye

  • CEO iReservos
  • I approached IVL with my vision of developing the best in class SaaS platform for global audience. In our joint brainstorming we decided that to achieve the flexibility required to compete globally we will need the ability to have localized presence in each country we target. Shamaila and her team brilliantly engineered the software platform so that we were able to quickly launch the localized services for Malaysia and Africa markets after our success in France while still retaining the benefit economy of scale in operations.

  • Vinay Iyer

  • CEO Goombal Inc.
  • As an entrepreneur myself, and an ex-executive at SAP (one of the world’s largest software companies), I have worked with various people around the world. Shamaila in particular struck me as a unique entrepreneur who is not only technically skilled and committed to the success of her customers, but also as a person who is a strong visionary, ambitious, and gutsy to be able to grow her company and thrive even in a difficult environment in Karachi, Pakistan.

    If she could succeed so well, acquire Silicon Valley clients like us, and succeed despite being in the environment she is in now, I have no doubt whatsoever that she can thrive and succeed exceedingly greatly anywhere in the world.